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Transsex/Transgender/Intersex CD & any person with Gender Related Issues.

Welcome Viewers,
to AGenderNSW website.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website, we appologise for the pop-ups, that occur.

The committee welcomes, Members & Visitors, to group meetings, social events & outings.

AGenderNSW is a charitable, non-profitable organisation, co-ordinated by volunteers.
This service is to provide social & support for the Trans community.(Transsex/Transgender/Intersex & any persons with Gender related issues).

E-mail: agendernsw@yahoo.com.au

President ~*~ Tanya 

FTM Representative ~*~ Josh 

Editor ~*~ Amanda


Hi & welcome to AGenderNSW.

I would like to take this time to introduce AGenderNSW.
I became president for a support group through AGender Australia, for a Newcastle branch. However, without financial assistance, AGenderNSW became an official independant group, which was founded & formed by myself & the supportive committee, from 1st July 2005.

This gives us our own identity & membership becomes an assistance for AGenderNSW social & support group.
AGenderNSW turned 1, in July this year.

Monthly meetings are held at New Lambton (Newcastle Area).

For further information about AGenderNSW, email Tanya at:

Become a group member at:

Well I will say bye for now.
Take Care & God Bless.... Tanya Appleby

Visitors Welcome

A Word From Our FTM Representative,
AGenderNSW has incorporated a support service exclusively for FTM's.
AGenderNSW F2M's focuses on information and issues that may occur.
*Personal Interest of support for FTM's
*Information Assistance
*Uncertain information will be looked into further.

For further information E-mail me:  josh_f2m@yahoo.com.au

Josh - FTM Representative

Queer Friendly

A Word From The Editor
Welcome to the AGenderNSW website.
I apologise for pop-ups that may occur within these pages.
I work along side Tanya-MTF President & Fiance Josh-FTM Representative.

I became involved due to the fact that my fiance is transitioning, to support him & his life & others, who may want to express themselves through words or pictures, by emailing me something that you feel strongly about thats personal or make believe, you could actually reach out to others in the same situation & together become a stronger Support Network.

Newsletters, with input from Committee has ceased, due to the lack of interest & input by readers (Members OR Other).

For those interested in an active Newsletter email me & submit a Life Journey/Story/Drawing (*even an outing that made your day within society & yourself) or Other (advertisement/website info/anything that relates to Transitioning):
 "The Editor"   

That's all from me for now,
(: Keep Safe & Smiling :)

AGenderNSW supports all Organisations involved with The Trans Community ~*~ AGenderNSW is Queer Friendly.